About Waggs-And-Woofs

Waggs-And-Woofs offers luxury dog boarding and daycare specializing in custom canine care and enrichment in a private home nestled on 5 1/2 beautiful acres in the Saratoga Springs, NY area.

In 2010 Waggs-And-Woofs opened up their beautiful home to the Capital Region for luxury dog boarding. What makes us different? We are not a “facility” or high volume kennel. This is our private home on 5 1/2 picture perfect acres. We are the next best alternative to keeping your dog in their own home while you are away. What does this all mean to your dog? Simply put less stress and an enjoyable experience.

Meet Alisa

Alisa has been an animal lover since a very young age. While raising her dog Ginger she developed a true appreciation for the type of companionship provided by a dog that is unmatched by any other pet. Her own “pack” quickly grew when she added Saphire, Jack and Willy. 

After graduating college, Alisa worked as a Registered Dental Hygienist for 14 years and realized this was not fulfilling her true passion in life. Deep down in her heart, Alisa knew she wanted to utilize her business degree and become an entrepreneur. This is when her vision of being able to offer other dog owners a unique option vs. the typical kennel while boarding their beloved fur babies was born. 

alisa and dogs

Why Waggs-And-Woofs?

Because we have created a fun, safe and personalized environment. We offer a very unique experience for all our canine guests.

Over the last few years the pet industry has seen a dramatic shift towards taking a more holistic approach in the lifestyles of our pets. Not only are consumers more aware of what we are eating and exposed to, but now this trend has carried over to the canine market. With this in mind Waggs-And-Woofs has spent a great deal of time researching the companies and materials we chose to use when developing our business. We are sure to please the canine conscious crowd.

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